Wave Break


Wave Break

In a couple of sentences, what is your story?

We’ve all been in prior bands and projects in the past and we came together last year without knowing each other at first to start this band. We all have varying influences that combine to make our own sound, but similar goals and aspirations.

In one word, how would you describe the band?


How did you come up with your name?

Over the course of a few weeks we were throwing around random names and phrases to try to come up with something, and Wave Break was the first one we came up with that really stuck. We felt it was simple, memorable, and had meaning behind it, which was perfect.

How long have you known each other and where did you meet?

We’ve only all known each other since around May last year when Kelly and Mike were looking for bandmates on Craigslist. That’s really when the band came together for the first time.

What can you tell me about your sound and how it was created?

Currently, it’s generally very aggressive and raw. Effects were kept to a minimum on this record because we wanted to be able to reproduce these songs live very easily.

How have you evolved since starting the band?

since starting the band and writing the songs on our EP, our newer material is shaping up to be more intricate instrumentally. We’re very excited to continue writing and see how it turns out.

How would you describe your EP “Armory”?

Most songs are fairly complex lyrically. Most revolve around a metaphor of some sort, and most of those metaphors involve references to violence, like guns, bombs, and fires. That’s what the title is referencing. Musically, it’s a pretty solid mix of vibes, with most being upbeat, one being slower, and some songs leaning more alternative rock while others lean more pop punk.

Can you share what the songs are about?

Going off the title of the album, the songs collectively are generally about putting down your “weapons” and talking to people as people, and also doing whatever it takes to overcome your own demons or self-doubts.

What’s your favorite song off the new EP?

 “Plaster City” is pretty much the unanimous favorite. We love the energy behind it, especially at live shows.

“Plaster City” is a great opening track. Where was the video filmed?

Thank you! It was filmed at the Sound Museum Sound Stage, a private little stage area by where we practice. We rented it out for a few hours, set up the red lights and the smoke machine and had a ton of fun filming it.

What is your songwriting process?

It’s different every time. Lately, Kelly would write chords/basic riffs and lyrics and melodies and bring them to the band to hash out, but now we do a bit of writing instrumental pieces together that she would then write the words over.  Sometimes the music comes first, and sometimes a couple lines of lyrics come first.

What inspires you to keep creating and playing music?

It’s a combination of a few different things. The rush we get from finishing a new song that we love is unlike anything in this world. Performing and sharing those songs is even more gratifying. And the idea that those songs we created might help someone get through difficult times one day keeps us going.

Who are your influences?

We have so many. We’re generally influenced by a bunch of other bands like Tonight Alive, Foo Fighters, Paramore, Blink-182, etc. Most recently we’ve all been influenced by heavier alternative bands like Too Close to Touch and Picturesque.

Describe your show, visual and musically.

Visually it’s very upbeat. We’re moving around the stage a lot, hoping that everyone at the show will get into it too. Musically, it’s mainly faster songs with one or two slower ones thrown in. We have a slower one on the new EP that we’ve been playing out lately and it’s usually somewhere in the middle of the set. We also usually do one or two covers to keep the energy up.

What is your favorite city/venue to play?

O’Brien’s Pub in Boston has been pretty great to us so far, so probably there! But we’re about to play 5 other cities on our upcoming EP release run so maybe we’ll have a better idea after that!

What would be your dream tour?

 That’s a hard one… but Taking Back Sunday, Tonight Alive, In Her Own Words and us would be pretty dope.

Anything you would like to share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?

Yes, we have a ton coming up! On August 17th we’re releasing our debut EP “Armory,” and the next day we start playing 6 shows across the northeast to support it. We’re going to have physical copies of the CD and new t-shirts available at all dates.
















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