Verity White


Verity White

What does music mean to you?

Basically, it’s my everything, it’s how I cope with bad times and how I enjoy the good times, and it’s how I convey all of those things as well.

Which band or artist inspired you to become a musician?

I remember listening to my Mum and Dad rehearsing for their band when I was little and just really wanting to be involved. I grew up with great classic rock music like Dire Straits, Queen, and Fleetwood Mac, such amazing and passionate musicians who inspire me to today. I got an Aretha Franklin CD when I was about 12 and that was it for me, then I knew – the emotion she conveyed in her voice – I wanted that.

What are your top five albums of all time?

The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails

Nevermind by Nirvana

Eight Arms to Hold You by Veruca Salt

Queen of Soul by Aretha Franklin

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

What do you think musicians can do to make the world a better place?

Keep writing, sharing and inspiring others with their music. Music is so powerful and affects so many people, if you have a message – sing it.

What projects are you currently working on or will be working on in the future?

I’m working on a new EP at the moment – a single for which I’m hoping to drop in May! I’m also continuously working on new music for my Patreon supporters (they get exclusive tracks) and working on my PR, getting gigs and well, taking over the world one tweet at a time! I’m hoping to do another tour in the autumn too!

In one word describe the feeling you get from music?

Happiness – as it’s what I always wanted to be doing with my life.

What was the first concert you attended?

Oh god, no… do I have to tell you?… it was *shame* MC Hammer… We actually went for my birthday and my little brother got picked out to dance on the stage with The Hammer. I was SO JEALOUS.

What’s the one band or artist you haven’t seen live but would like to?

Nirvana – Kurt was such an emotional and artistic being, so inspiring.

If you could play with any other band or artist, who would it be?

I would love to play with Nine Inch Nails – they’re my favorite band of all time!

How has music made a difference in your life?

It’s helped me to become who I always wanted to be and to overcome a lot of things that happened to me in my past. By processing them out through my lyrics I‘m finding others who have suffered through the same, who find my music helps them and inspires them to get better. That kind of thing makes me so happy!

In a couple of sentences, what is your story?

I always wanted to be a musician, but I suffered from childhood depression which grew into adulthood depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I stopped myself following my dreams and got into a string of bad jobs, and even worse relationships. But then everything changed, I met my now husband who’s also a musician and he helped me to start believing in myself, I eventually got a gig as the backing vocalized for the Prog-Rock band Pendragon, and after my first tour with them, I knew that now was the time to really start. I had to try to follow my dream.

What’s the one charity/cause your most passionate about?

Mental Health Awareness, for obvious reasons.

What are you currently listening to?

Mainly the stems to my new tracks trying to work out what to write next! But alongside that, I’m enjoying great rock banks like Tenth Planet, Tancred, and SKAM, as well as some old school Skunk Anansi and my classic NIN playlists… of which there are faaaaar too many!

What’s the one thing you cannot live without?

My cats – I love them SO much!

When you were younger, you wanted to be?

A singer…

What are you inspired by?

Life, and all the crap that goes along with it.

Who’s the one person that motivates you?

Alex, my husband, and producer, without him I wouldn’t have started writing again.

If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?

The World Leaders…

The perfect day would be…

Gigging at a massive festival, meeting fans and then having a giant picnic with lots of love, laughter amazing food, and gin!

What was your first job?

I worked at a petrol station when I was 16; I wanted to earn my own weight as soon as I could. I’m fiercely independent.

What’s your favorite escape?

A good book on a warm beach.

What’s your Favorite Quote?

Be Yourself, Everybody Else Is Already Taken – Oscar Wilde

In one word, how would you describe your sound?


What inspires you to keep creating and playing music?

It’s kinda just who I am, I don’t think I could stop now if I tried.

Describe your music making process.

As I said above, I work with my husband as he’s an amazing musician and producer. It’s a collaborative process where he sending over the basic structure of a song (guitars and drums usually) and then I work up the lyrics, melody and harmony lines from that. We then get together in the studio and lay down any other incidental parts like the synth and string lines to highlight the music in the right places.

What are the plans for the future?

More music, more gigs, and more fun!















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