Paradise Kings



Paradise Kings

How has music made a difference in your life?

Henry said- “Community”.  It has given me the opportunity to give back love, whether it is singing for a non- profit fundraiser or rocking a dance floor.    Jan said “it is my therapy and it helps to balance out my day job as a nurse”.

How did you come up with your name?

We all threw out several names and after some lively discussion and a lot of laughs, we ended up with a name that was a mixture of a couple of the suggestions and that ended up being everyone’s favorite –“ Paradise Kings.”

What’s your favorite song to play live?

We all have our favorites, Henry’s feels that our whole Original CD is his favorite , “ when you are singing your own music you are singing from your soul and not just an interpretation of someone else’s music”.   Jan’s Loves our original songs but loves singing “Love me Like a Man” for all the women fans to get their groove on with.

Who are some of your influences?

Henry Garret’s early influence were really all performance based artist like Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard James Brown and of course Elvis.  Later influence  nclude: Led Zepplin, Allman Brothers and Black Keys.   Jan Ingram‘s favorites include: Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Etta James, Koko Taylor, Sippie Wallace.

If you could tour with anyone who would it be?

Henry’s said “I would love to have toured with James Brown, watching him work the stage and how he connected with his band and then engage the audience was really watching a master.   Jan feels hands down Bonnie Raitt, would be her bucket list tour, not only because who she is musically, but also for the causes she supports, and what she has done for so many retired Blues players.

Describe the song writing process

Although George wrote most of the Lyrics on the first CD “Controlled Burn”,  Jan and Henry have also been writing songs for decades and feel writing songs is about telling a story with feeling, and then finding the right music to give the words flight.

How’d you all meet?

Henry said- “ Jan and I were in another band that did not seem to be working for what we wanted to do musically, so I answered an ad on Craig’s list for a band looking for a singer and we agreed to meet at our house and play a common list of Blues songs.  After a few songs we knew it was the right fit.”

Who’s the dream producer you would like to work with?

— Alan Parsons because he has produced so many iconic record and is a musician himself.

What do you think musicians can do to make the world a better place?

Henry said “ Musicians have always brought joy and light to humankind, from drumming around a primitive campfire to an orchestra at the Met.  Musicians should keep writing those songs that open our eyes and hearts to the wonder of this life and world we live in.  Jan feels that playing music that brings people joy or at least helps to release some of life’s stressors can help balance out some of the crazy going on in the world today.

What’s the one word to describe Paradise Kings?













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