Diana Rein

Diana Rein

What does music mean to you?

Music is my life line. It has saved me a countless number of times from challenges that have surfaced in my life. It’s my purpose, my reason for being, my release, my gift to give, what gets me out of bed in the morning….I love creating and music allows me all of these luxuries that don’t cost a thing….actually that’s a lie because I have spent quite a bit of money on the tools that help me make the music…but music itself…gift that keeps giving.

Which band or artist inspired you to become a musician?

I didn’t have one particular artist. I grew up in the 80’s and all I remember is watching MTV from morning until night and trying to emulate all of the pop artists that were on the rise. I listened to all kinds of music and didn’t come into the blues until I went to a blues club in Chicago when I was 8 years old . My Uncle was playing drums with the band and they had me up to sing some 12 bar blues….I just went with it and had a blast and that was it for me. But when it comes to playing guitar….my biggest influence has definitely been SRV. Hands down, as soon as I saw him play….I had to learn how to play lead guitar.

What are your top five albums of all time?

This is tough!! These are some albums that were very formative for me in my relationship with music: U2 Achtung Baby, Doyle Bramhall Welcome, Prince Purple Rain, Stevie Ray Vaughan Live at the El Mocambo, Pearl Jam Ten

Other than being a musician, what else in the entertainment business would you be good at and why?

Actress….my whole life I was either acting or doing music and I would toggle between the two. Now with music I get to act in some of my videos so I get my fill. But yeah, I get a thrill from being involved in worlds that are not my day to day. I love expressing myself so acting would be my next best choice….but music really holds my heart tightly.

If you had to pick another music genre to play, what would it be?

Well, I consider my music to be Blues Rock/ Roots but sometimes I step on the edge of Country or when I listen to the Outlaw station on Sirius…I feel like some of my songs could fit that. But the thing is, I am playing blues rock now but I have also been playing with some ethereal slide guitar that sounds a lot different than Blues Rock and if I feel like playing traditional blues, I want to be able to do that. I never want to put a cap on the season that I am in with my music. I take myself wherever inspiration takes me and wherever the sounds are that really make me want to create.

What do you think musicians can do to make the world a better place?

I think that my job as a musician is to continue putting honest music out there that helps people work through their stuff. I truly see music as therapy…whether it’s to get through the loss of a loved one or to get them high on life or to remind them of really happy times, or to keep them believing in better times ahead. It’s a healer all around. When I was growing up, the radio was always on, music was always playing in the house….as I have gotten older, I have to actively remind myself to play some music in the house and it always makes me feel better. But I think people mostly listen to music in their car and I really think that if we actively brought music more into our home life we would be uplifted.

What projects are you currently working on or will be working on in the future?

I am working on a one woman band show where I create all of my songs from the ground up in real time. I am also really active on creating new videos often for social media. I have done some videos that represent my one woman show, or new song ideas, or cover songs that I switch up to fit my style….

In one word describe the feeling you get from music?


What was the first concert you attended?

George Michael The Faith World Tour

What is your favorite city/venue to play?

I haven’t started touring yet so that answer is to be continued…

If you could play with any other band or artist, who would it be?

Philip Sayce…I think our styles would compliment each other very well and it would be great to learn a few things from him. I have seen him plenty of times live which is amazing but to be able to talk shop with him, nerd out on tones and just hang would be a fun experience.

How has music made a difference in your life?

It’s the reason that I wake up in the morning. It’s the reason I can cope with major struggles show up in my life. Either by listening to a favorite song from 10 years ago or writing a new song of my own. Life would be terribly bland and boring without music to lift my spirit and help me escape sometimes. I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, so I need some sort of escape in order to not go insane!!! I can just meditate at night with my guitar and my practice amp and go into a zone that helps me recharge.

Is there an instrument you don’t know how to play but would like to?

I started learning how to play music on a piano when I was a little girl. So it’s because of the piano that I learned about some music theory and gained a general foundation of music. But I never gravitated towards it because it was the sound of the guitar that gave me goosebumps and still does to this day. So I wish that I was way more proficient at playing some keys.

In a couple of sentences, what is your story?

I am the child of my muse, Music. She takes over my heart and mind and helps me breathe life into this World…sometimes she lets me come up for air and when I do, I get to enjoy my beautiful son and amazing husband. I am fortunate.

What’s the one charity/cause your most passionate about?

Animal rights. I care about all beings on this Earth, especially the ones that can’t speak for themselves but that I know have beautiful souls and feelings and they deserve to be treated humanely and with dignity.

What’s the last concert you’ve been to?

I had an amazing weekend where I went to a house concert to see Rocco Deluca…that show really put me in a trance and was a spring board of inspiration for me and my career and how I wanted to do things going forward. And the very next day, I got to see Philip Sayce play a rip roaring show. I wish I could return to that weekend over and over again for the amount of inspiration I received from it.

What’s the one band or artist you haven’t seen live but would like to?

David Gilmour- I love his guitar playing style and his melodic ways. I love how he experimented with sound and always expanded as a player.

When you hear the word music, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind?

“Go to your room and practice Diana!” lololol or my heart just starts fluttering with love. That’s what it is….pure love, pure heart, pure give.




















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