Rock N Roll Belts by Charlie E Familia

All of our belts are handmade in the USA and crafted from genuine leather. Our belts will not only Rock any outfit but also last you a long time. Careful thought went into each design but each belt can also be customized. Just send us an email and we’ll try to help. Whatever your style calls for, Charlie E Familia has a belt for you. All of our belts are made to order and your satisfaction is our number one priority. Please email for more info.

Please click here How-to-measure-your-belt-size for sizing instructions.

For a limited time 15% off all belts.

Iron Cross  $92.00 – Now Only $78.20

Iron Metal  $127.00 – Now Only $107.95

I’m Alive  $145.00 – Now Only $123.25

Antique Metal  $92.00 – Now Only $78.20

Stormy Blue Sky  $109.00 – Now Only $92.65

Spanish Soul  $116.00 – Now Only $98.60

Simple Mahogany  $98.00 – Now Only $83.30

Lady Brownstone  $109.00 – Now Only $92.65

Copper Train  $135.00 – Now Only $114.75

Blue Eye  $100.00 – Now Only $85.00